The charity is run exclusively by volunteers and in 2014 over 2500 volunteer hours went into running our boat. The nature of the charity makes it a popular volunteering opportunity and we are always looking for new helpers. Volunteers maintain and crew the boat but you don’t need to have lots of experience to do this. We provide boating experience and training.

In addition we are looking for volunteers to help with fundraising and administrative roles. For example, you can help by “shaking a tin” outside supermarkets, manning our stand at local shows or just by applying for support from various community schemes.
To volunteer, contact "secretary@marysunley.co.uk". Please note you will be asked to complete a volunteer form.


We are a small, local charity and receive no regular support from either the Local Authority or Government funding. Although the costs of our operation are covered by our trip charges we always welcome donations. These donations help us to keep our charges to a minimum and from time to time aid us to buy necessary equipment and training in order to enhance our work.

You can donate by putting something in our collecting tin at “The Trading Post” which is adjacent to our boat at Vernon’s Wharf, Higher Poynton. Alternatively, please contact ”treasurer@marysunley.co.uk" to discuss how best to donate.

Sponsor a Trip

If you belong to a Rotary Club, Lions or similar fundraising organisation you might like to sponsor a trip. About 15% of our trips are paid for by third parties
and it is a great way for us both to fulfil our charitable objectives.
For more information contact "treasurer@marysunley.co.uk".

Our Supporters

Wilmslow Dean Rotary Club
Macclesfield Rotary Club
Macclesfield & District Lions Club
North Cheshire Cruising Club